moving mailboxes to other partitons in murder setup can lead missing entries in mailboxes.db

Stephan Lauffer lauffer at
Fri Sep 15 05:45:39 EDT 2017

Hello Michael,

Zitat von Michael Menge <michael.menge at>:

> Hi,
> i discovered that my patch for bug #3862 (rollback db changes on  
> mupdate failure),
> which was includes in cyrus-imapd 2.4.19, 2.5.8 and 3.0.0-beta2, has  
> a bug if a
> mailbox is moved to an other partition and a rollback is needed.
> For the rollback my old patch did recreate the old entry and then  
> delete the new entry.
> But in case of moving the mailbox to a other partition the oldname  
> and newname are
> the same, so the mailbox will be deleted for the mailboxes.db
> Recovery form this error is tricky. Reconstruct (reconstruct -p  
> oldpartiton "mailboxname")
> will fail because the mupdate master still has the entry the the mailbox.
> So you have to manually add the mailbox to the mailboxes.db on the backend,
> or delete the mailbox from the mailboxes.db on the mupdate master.
> Attached is a patch for 2.4.20 which will reverse the order, so the  
> "new" mailbox is
> deleted first and then the old entry is recreated.
> The same is needed for the other branches.

Btw: For me it looks like we have a wrong test for removing (or not), see:

What do you think about this patch?

Liebe Gruesse, with best regards
Stephan Lauffer

Pedagogical University Freiburg - Germany
Fon/ Fax: +49 761 682 -559/ -486
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