Notes Sep 4th

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Sep 4 08:21:56 EDT 2017

Present: Bron, Ken, Robert, Nicola

* wants changes to reduce IO for Xapian reads when indexing (requires
  using conversations DB and cyrus.indexed.db more cleverly)* Finally replied to Benn about license choices.  Haven't heard back
* have been working on JMAP Message Submission - have a simplistic
  implementation ready.* put this on hold for now, design in Perl for now and then
  backport it later.* working on improving HTML body processing - backporting the body
  processing from Perl back to C.* TC-API - still updating draft, not yet sent out.  Aiming for 1 week
  before calconnect.* Planning to work on this plus contact format in Cologne.
* Will complete current JMAP tasks and then look at Xapian

* spent most of last week with OpenSSL 1.1 and SASL.
* fixed plugins to use API.
* downloaded augmented API.
* Added SCRAM-SHA256.
* Jan Parcel from Oracle issues in git.  They build outside of the
  source tree.* Nicola: about docs - there's a list in a rst, and will need a man page
  for the plugin.* Promised Alexey an update to Managed Attachments draft, working with
  HTTP folks.* Plan for CalConnect: nothing on radar at this point
  - waiting to see what Mike does with VPOLL.  Might try to get
    demo going.* would like to run through sharing stuff if there's a client there.
* working on Subscription upgrade (enhanced subscriptions) - sync-report
  with simple GETs.  Wants to add time-range query.  - nice thing is, if you treat the etag as a sync-token, you get
* spent the week on a beach.

Partha is unwell, so didn't show up - but has released 3.0.4 with a fix
to an off-by-one error in mboxlist_findall and some other little fixes.
  Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd
  brong at

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