Meeting Notes May 1st

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon May 1 08:24:01 EDT 2017

Present: Ken, ellie, Nicola, Nic, Bron
Apologies: Robert (holiday in Austria)

* X-NUM-FOLDERS and other replication issues, slowly debugging where they're breaking user moves.
* discussion of XOR of CRC32 - two adjacent records with exactly the same change can permute the CRC32 in the same way, leading to identical SYNC_CRC for different values.
* need to extend cyrus.index header and cyrus.index records for a bunch of things, we should plan exactly what we want and do it.

* sqlite database structure: keeping tombsones now so we can diff against them.  May need to fetch by UID more often (JMAP already does)
* working on caldav diffs for CalConnect.
* Sieve specialuse basically done,will email sieve list about syntax for :fcc option.

* hoping to do a bunch of bugfix releases for 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 this week - basically just "what's on the branch at the moment"
* doesn't have a good build environment for 2.3, and it's hard to test because the data model basically doesn't pass even imaptest!
* just build, dump to the world, cross fingers
* still need to work on reference deb packages

* going to look at the great doc restructure that Nic and I came up with, from next week. (This week still new FM project)

Nic B:
* wants a copy of notes from Nicola when convenient


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