JMAP getMessageList with filter returns HTTP Error 500

Daniel Gultsch daniel at
Fri Mar 3 03:00:44 EST 2017


I've been told on IRC that I should send a message to the developer
mailing list about my problems.

I'm trying to add filters to my getMessageList query. (getMessageList
without filters works fine); However when executing
I get an HTTP 500 error in return. Body has the message item does not exist.

The logfile has the following to say:
Mar  3 08:55:49 localhost http[31486]: Running indexed subquery:
(fuzzymatch text "TEST")
Mar  3 08:55:49 localhost http[31486]: match(part=(null), str="TEST")

By executing getMessageList without any parameters I can see at least
two messages that have the word 'test' in their subject.

Just to be sure I also tried this by filtering for 'from'. But that
doesn't work either.


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