Cyrus meeting minutes 26 June 2017

Nicola Nye nicolan at
Mon Jun 26 08:28:20 EDT 2017

Cyrus team met once again, same bat time, same bat channel.

Here's what we've been working on!

  Shared alarms: splitting them out on the fly rather than doing
  them in bulk  What do we do if something gets unshared.
     - Check ACL at alarm time and not re-send, not re-schedule.
     - Owner keeps the alarm state in the event themselves, alarm state
       for everyone else kept as a separate annotation     - But if you share with someone else, need to strip owner's alarm
       and patch in the annotated state.     - (Do not fiddle owner)
     - For calendar with no owner, no alarm set on event: all people's
       alarm state stored as annotations  Last week at CMU, from next week he's a FastMailer!

  - Inducted in Bron's Zeroskip plan for a new, improved skiplist
    implementation to replace twoskip  - Starting to design API for Zeroskip
  - Improve behaviour on reconstruct (GitHub #2041)
  - Released 3.0.2

  - Working on adding a git datestamp to the docs so readers know when
    the last time a piece of documentation was updated (and how out of
    date/unreliable it might be)
  - Going to remove lmdb support - too much effort required to make it
    stable and supported.  - JMAP message record events
  - Xapian fixes sent upstream via Pull Request
  - TC API RFC document. IETF RFCs frozen from July 7 for two weeks,
    looking to finish TC API doc before them.
  - Released 3.0.2
  - Endian fixes (Thanks to Tibbs for lots of testing and excellent
    bug reports)
  - Pushing JMAP author to get next round of JMAP spec changes out, so
    we can implement in Cyrus and proxy.  - Wants to start clearing out some of the tech debt bug backlog
    in GitHub.- We'll each take 5 bugs per week and look at them to close or
reassign or fix.
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