Meeting minutes June 19

Robert Stepanek rsto at
Mon Jun 19 09:03:29 EDT 2017

Present: Bron, Ellie, Ken, Nic, Nicola, Robert

Last week saw two major crashers in master, msgrecord and sieve, which
crept through our unit tests and Cassandane. Fixed now.

* mainly worked on Perl-code last week
* upgraded Xapian and builder for C++11 support
* Xapian db crash starts to show up again. Rebuild db fixes it, but root
cause is unknown (check with rsto)
* will follow up with CMU on finding new home for Cyrus project
* looks further into Jansson crash

* looking into a potential endianess issue in reconstruct
* plans to release next 3.0 version within the next few days

* at CalConnect last week
* worked on updates to calendar subscription spec
* plans to implement VPATCH first
* SASL release probably at the end of the month

* works on man pages for linked commands
* will create a test page dummy to show how updated man pages might look

* worked on documentation, added timestamp to identify when docs changed
* no plan to include timestamp for man pages, just for HTML doc

* at CalConnect last week
* works on RFC-document for TC API/JMAP calendar objects (check back
with Neil)
* looking into Bearer and Xapian issues
* will reprioritise backlog of assigned Github issues

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