Cyrus Meeting Minutes August 28 2017

Partha Susarla partha at
Mon Aug 28 08:39:57 EDT 2017

Present: Bron, Ken, Robert, Partha

* Caldav Alarm fix(an issue where calalarmd was processing record with
no alarams on replica)
* Needs to sort out Cyrus licencing issues this week

* Fixed several carddav and caldav issues
* working on sasl to make a release
* openSSL API updates - need to make changes in SASL

* Working on JMAP Mail spec update and continuing to work on it this
* Mailed CalExt group regarding JSCalendar draft
* Need to look at contacts format (future work)
* Working on JMAP Message submissions

* Not much done last week, just a couple of bug fixes on Github
* Autocreate sieve cleanups, including Cassandane tests

  Partha Susarla
  partha at

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