Cyrus meeting minutes: August 14

Nicola Nye nicola at
Mon Aug 14 08:29:48 EDT 2017

Attendees: Partha, Ken, Nicola, Bron

* Partha has been shadowing Ellie so he can do release management while
  she's on leave.
* Lots of knowledge sharing around the team coming up so we have fewer
  silos of knowledge: RobertS, Ken, Partha, Bron.
* Dicerolls continue to be successful, as a bunch of old bugs are being
  knocked off each week.
* Ken reworking infrastructure in per-user calendar alerts to support
  JMAP (not just DAV)
* Cyrus-SASL: waiting for last round of Kerberos/GSSAPI bugs to be
  resolved, then Ken can release final candidate.
* Bron chasing down possible bug with start/end dates in an event being
  out by 1 hour, when syncing with Outlook, possibly related to
  timezones, Ken to make sure once we work out what's going on, it goes
  into the CalDAV dev guide.
* Bron chasing up CVE number for security issue. See latest Cyrus
  release notes for details of the security issue found and fixed.
Same bat time, same bat channel, next week!


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