missing uniqueid? [was: Re: 3.0.2: info [mailbox] failed on murder, Internal error: assertion failed]

Stephan Lauffer lauffer at ph-freiburg.de
Fri Aug 11 11:08:11 EDT 2017


Zitat von StHelloephan Lauffer <lauffer at ph-freiburg.de>:

> Hello!
> In our test environment we have two 3.0.2 backends and a 3.0.2  
> mupdate/frontend server.
> The one and only mailbox is user.test, We can xfer this mbox between  
> the backends, so far so good.
> If we ask the frontend about the mailbox the imapd session crashes.  
> A simple "lm" is ok.
> May we have a bug in our configs which may cause this..?
> ---------- cyrus Thu Aug 10 16:32:57 2017
> <1502375577<4 RLIST "" ""
>> 1502375577>* LIST (\Noselect) "." ""
> 4 OK Completed (0.000 secs)
> <1502375581<5 GETANNOTATION user.test "*" ("value.priv" "value.shared")
>> 1502375581>* BYE Fatal error: Internal error: assertion failed:  
>> imap/annotate.c: 1680: state->mailbox

In imap/mboxlist.c mboxlist_parse_entry() we except to get the  
uniqueid if we found a extended mboxlist entry.

Indeed the entry is extended on the mupdate servers mboxlist and on  
the backend server. But the mupdate server has no uniqueid.

I guess this is the problem here. state->mailbox fails in annotate.c  
before we test if uniqueid is set there:

Line 1680 in annotate.c...:


     if (state->mailbox->uniqueid)
         buf_appendcstr(&value, state->mailbox->uniqueid);

Btw: Is there a good reason not to store die ID in the mailboxes.db.

output of strings on the backend...:
# strings /var/lib/imap/mailboxes.db
twoskip file
6user.test%(A %(test lrswipkxtecdan) I 02tws5d0y4ecnp9rhgy66p5m P 00 V  
1502362835 F 1 M 1502374944)

output of strings on the mupdate server:
strings /var/lib/imap/mailboxes.db
twoskip file
user.test%(A %(test lrswipkxtecdan) P 00 S mailsg-hx T r M 1502449874)

Liebe Gruesse, with best regards
Stephan Lauffer

Pedagogical University Freiburg - Germany
Fon/ Fax: +49 761 682 -559/ -486
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