[RFC PATCH v2] imapd.c: imapoptions: implement idle timeout

Thomas Jarosch thomas.jarosch at intra2net.com
Wed Sep 14 03:11:05 EDT 2016

Hi Ellie,

On Monday, 12. September 2016 11:35:45 ellie timoney wrote:
[clock jumps]
> Or does it?  The man page says it's "not  affected by discontinuous
> jumps in the system time (e.g., if the system administrator manually
> changes the clock)" -- great -- "but is affected by the incremental
> adjustments performed by adjtime(3) and NTP".  Which sounds to me like
> NTP might still be an issue?   (But: I have no real world experience of
> this, I'm just reading man pages here.)

Good point. Not sure here, we didn't encounter an
issue for a long time. The event itself is rather rare these days.

> > Would it make sense to enable the timeout by default?
> > In the current version of the patch it's disabled (value 0).
> I'm interested in hearing thoughts on this, particularly with regard to
> what a reasonable default timeout might be.  Though I like the "no
> behaviour change unless you change configuration" aspect of defaulting
> to 0.

We'll push out the three days default value next week.
I can report back in a month how good or bad the results are.


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