Can't make the meeting today

Nicola Nye nicolan at
Mon May 2 07:13:53 EDT 2016

I've been beating on the man pages, trying to reduce duplication so we
can have the One True Source of all things man pagey.
 * RST directories split into usercommands (sec1) and systemcommands
   (sec8) and files moved to the right spot.
 * :cyrusman: references need the right 1 vs 8 format
 * Section mismatches fixed in the RST
 * Audit complete of what files are missing from rst vs man pages vs
   distributed programs/scripts
 * Content in man pages that was missing in RST has been migrated over.
*Not yet done*

 * Some : man: references should be turned into :cyrusman:
 * There are some programs/scripts currently lacking documentation:
   backupd, ctl_backups, cyr_backup, dav_reconstruct, restore
   (ellie's work)
 * There are some programs/scripts lacking documentation but we don't
   know what they do: lmtpproxyd, message_test, pop3proxyd, search_test,
   squat_dump, synctest
 * Check that content in rst files is up to date with the man pages.
 * cyrus.conf.rst generates sphinx warnings. The file comes via
   config2rst being fed lib/imapoptions. Suspect some text tidying up in
   libimapoptions would shut the warnings up, but needs verification
   this won't hork something else.
 * cyradm generation of man page/rst
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Date: Mon, 02 May 2016 18:59:07 +1000
Due to my complete lack of planning, I've got choir rehearsal
tonight. Oops.
I'll have this for the next few weeks as well, so let's consider meeting
at another time maybe :)
Meanwhile, my main report is test cases for caldav. I introduced some
bugs, and found some bugs that were there before! Fixes and test
cases soon.
Bron Gondwana
brong at
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