Sophia database => fail

Howard Chu hyc at
Sat Jun 18 18:00:34 EDT 2016

Howard Chu wrote:
> Bron Gondwana via Cyrus-devel wrote:
>> So I wrote a backend for this thing:
> Sorry you wasted your time. Even if you got that thing to "behave" as you
> intended, it would have crashed on you anyway.
> Actually, just look at all of the open issues on that repo. These folks have
> No Clue what they are doing.
> It's a sick joke, not a usable database library.

Also, a great example of how *NOT* to design an API. All of its data 
structures are exposed to the user as "void *" instead of actual types. This 
means the compiler cannot catch you if you accidentally pass the wrong handle 
to a particular API function. The whole thing is a mess of uncaught logic errors.

>> It looks really nice, but sadly it doesn't seem to offer cursors that can
>> iterate inside the current transaction, as can be seen from the example
>> program attached.  The output is:

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