Cyrus database and file usage data

Thomas Jarosch thomas.jarosch at
Mon Jun 13 04:10:57 EDT 2016

On Monday, 13. June 2016 00:05:13 Bron Gondwana via Cyrus-devel wrote:
> If twoskip is too slow (possible), then I've been quite interested in
> looking at rocksdb ( as an embedded engine that has
> really good performance, prefix scanning, and a good community around it.
>  It's also quite compatible with object storage because all but the
> level0 "hot" databases are read-only, so you can store them as objects
> once and then not need to scan them again.

rocksdb sounds like an interesting piece of technology.
Secondary indexes look a bit tricky though.

Would the new cyrus databases benefit from secondary indexes at some level?

Good read:


> An alternative there is multi-level databases in the same way we have the
> search tiers - with offline repack and substituting a new database with
> identical contents (minus dead records) atomically in the way that we do
> it with search.  This eliminates the stop-the-world repacks that
> occasionally hit us with both cyrus.index/cyrus.cache and all the
> twoskip/skiplist databases, because repack can be done in the background
> to new read-only files, with all writes happening to a small level0
> database.

I absolutely hate it when a routine git command suddenly takes ten minutes 
to complete because it's doing a large repack on the server side.

-> offline repack is a great idea

> It is a massive change to the on-disk data formats!  We'd be left with
> basically:
> * key value stores
> * cache format (multiple fixed-length binary items per file with file
> number + offset addressing) * rfc822 messages (either stick with
> one-file-per-message or do some MIX style multiple-per-file - this can be
> independent)

another thing to consider: Data corruption. How will the new
code / databases deal with different levels of data corruption?

One of the complains that I read about cyrus vs. dovecot is that dovecot is 
self-healing when it's discovering a corrupted mailbox while cyrus-imapd 
requires an admin to run reconstruct & friends. I still need to run 
reconstruct every six months or so when a power outage corrupted a db file.

May be some ideas can also be found here:

Personally I've never seen the idea of a "lockless integer" before,
but it looks like a neat trick.


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