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Nic Bernstein nic at
Tue Feb 16 17:19:35 EST 2016

On 02/15/2016 05:16 PM, ellie timoney via Cyrus-devel wrote:
> But the really fiddly thing here is always going to be the fact that we
> need to build most of the man pages from rst files, but we need to build
> some of them (and thus their corresponding web pages...) from imapd
> source files.  Taken broadly, i.e. treating "man pages" as a homogenous
> collection, that's a cyclical dependency.  Squishing it all together
> (options 1, 2, 4) makes that relatively easy to resolve just with
> autoconf, but option 3 will need tooling/process work.

Ellie, Nicola, et alia,
As far as I'm aware, the only man page (RST file) which depends upon 
imapd source files is cyrus-docs/source/imap/admin/configs/imapd.conf, 
which derives from cyrus-imapd/lib/imapoptions by way of the 
cyrus-imapd/tools/config2rst perl script -- the same as the old 
cyrus-imapd/man/imapd.conf.5 was created.  This is handled by the 
top-level Makefile (from

    man/imapd.conf.5: $(top_srcdir)/tools/config2man $(top_srcdir)/lib/imapoptions
    	@echo creating man/imapd.conf.5
    	@$(MKDIR_P) man
    	$(AM_V_GEN)$(top_srcdir)/tools/config2man $(top_srcdir)/lib/imapoptions > $@

    doc/rst/imapd.conf.rst: $(top_srcdir)/tools/config2rst $(top_srcdir)/lib/imapoptions
    	@echo creating man/imapd.conf.rst
    	@$(MKDIR_P) doc/rst
    	$(AM_V_GEN)$(top_srcdir)/tools/config2rst $(top_srcdir)/lib/imapoptions > $@

So as long as Sphinx's "make man" target depends on 
doc/rst/imapd.conf.rst -- which is the same as 
/imap/admin/configs/imapd.conf.rst, or would be in a post-merge world -- 
then we should be fine with our existing autoconf stuff.

There's also some HTML pages which depend upon doc/rst/imapd.conf.rst, 
but again, if Sphinx's "make html" target depends on 
/imap/admin/configs/imapd.conf.rst that should sort itself out, too.

What's missing, of course, is some super sweet autoconf goodness on the 
cyrus-docs side of things, which would wrap this all up.

Just my tupence...

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