Meeting minutes 8 Feb

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Feb 8 06:23:18 EST 2016

Present: Nicola, ellie, Bron, Simon

 - that email I nagged about docs.  Bron - will have time tomorrow, let's just do it.
 - Sieve docs are coming along very well.
 - Checksumming extension idea from FM wiki is a silly idea, let's not do that.  Use external tools to add headers and filter on those

 - released RFC 5490 mailbox support to FastMail today, pushed back along with Cassandane tests to cf/master.
 - planning to keep working on JMAP this week

- working on tooling for getting data out of backups at the moment
- have been hoping to get code onto master but i'm hesitant to do so while the tests aren't passing, cause i don't want to complicate things

 - no Cyrus news

Failing tests - looks like Ken has pushed back something which is breaking the /.well-known/caldav discovery, and hence everything after that point is failing miserably. Haven't looked into it - FastMail has just branched off an earlier version.

Ken's new work (that probably broke this) is proper standards-track calendar sharing.  Part of bringing FastMail onto that will be making sure that our existing shares aren't broken.  This should allow Apple clients (and others in future) to work with sharing on Cyrus.  Need to find docs on it for Nicola!


New Cyrus release
 - not until the tests are passing!
 - ellie will update release notes
 - will do another beta release this time of course, heaps more changes and only FastMail/CMU are running it.

  Bron Gondwana
  brong at

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