Minutes Feb 1, 2016

Bron Gondwana brong at fastmail.fm
Mon Feb 1 06:22:59 EST 2016

* Bron, Ellie, Ken, Simon

* at LCA (Linux Conf AU) this week.
* FastMail code on top of the new sharing model
* JMAP - the getMessageList code is very inefficient with filters - planning to optimise this next week by reusing the sort/search code from index.c, and maybe/probably abstract this out into the generic message interface - have an object which can have partial data loaded for each message and an array type for it for sorting the filter result.
* doing a talk on Twoskip on Wednesday, and on JMAP on Friday.  Doing real work next week.

* going to work on subscriptions this week (calendar sharing)
* put mailbox type in the subscription DB (filter faster)
* value - maybe a DList with the same values as mailboxes.db - Ken will try it out and see what makes sense
* discussion around issues with renames and what happens to uniqueids in subs DB.

* going well, don't have a job right now (anyone reading this want to hire Simon?)
* getting up to date on PHP
* haven't done anything Cyrus related for a while
* on cyrusimap.org, the dropdown list of documentation goes below the bottom of the window with all the different versions

* after LCA we should get the new Backups code running at FastMail for more serious testing.
* plan is to run a few users in parallel - backup with new code along with current system
* test restores and make sure it's rolling reliably
* backups are 3.x only

We should do another 3.x beta release.
* waiting on docs
* waiting on calendar sharing - hopefully this week

* the sphinx git is building on cyrusimap.org/new/ every hour or something.  We need to work out how we want to integrate it and make all the links within the site good.  Make things findable!


  Bron Gondwana
  brong at fastmail.fm

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