Cyrus: Roadmap and call to action

Nicola Nye nicolan at
Thu Aug 25 05:39:22 EDT 2016

Hi all,

With input from regular contributors, the roadmap online has recently
been updated (for the first time in many a year, I suspect).

This covers off the main feature points we are hoping to accomplish for
the next major release:
 * JMAP,
 * Better backups and restores,
 * Multi-master replication

But it could be so much more! If there's a feature you need, a fix
you're waiting on, documentation that's missing, a distribution package
you wish you had, tests you'd like to have incorporated, we'd love to
have your help.

Whether it's something small or something big, your input is welcome.
(necessary, even!)

If you'd like to contribute but don't know where to start, we have
small tasks in development, docs, and testing or even operational admin
(like reviewing the currently open bugs) that are all waiting for
someone like you.

The contributor guides have been updated in the last few months to make
it easier and clearer on how to get involved.

Contact us here, or on IRC (#cyrus on, or come join
our weekly meetings in Hangouts or via mail off-channel. Join us! Fame
and fortune await you[*].


[*] No guarantee of actual fame or fortune can be provided. Just the
warm fuzzies of a job well done, contributing to the greater good.

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