Anatoli me at anatoli.ws
Fri Apr 15 14:41:15 EDT 2016

Hi folks,

Sorry for bothering you again with subj, I haven't received any answer to the previous mails about it. I'm quite interested in this release and I'd like to help with testing, simple problems investigation and fixing, and similar tasks, but at least some insight to the current state of the master is needed for that, i.e. how close it is to an RC, new functionality expected to work, functionality/configuration changes compared to v2.5.7, known limitations, etc.

I see the T232 by Ellie has 4 issues that are apparently stopping this release. Are they the only remaining issues for production-ready state? The roadmap (https://cyrusimap.org/overview/cyrus_roadmap.html#cyrus-roadmap) says nothing about v3.0 and looks a little outdated.

I'm personally interested in resolving the "specialuse flags not working from cyradm" (T199, 198, 191, 121; looks like still pending) issue and in XAPPLEPUSHSERVICE feature, but I know there are a lot of other improvements and new libraries support (like LibiCal2.0) that are worth the effort releasing it ASAP. Also I made a raw chroot patch for 2.5.7, I'd like to polish and submit it for review and inclusion in v3.0.

Should I write to someone in particular to discuss the subject?


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