Replication between versions 2.5.7 and 2.4.17?

Karl Pielorz kpielorz_lst at
Mon Apr 11 04:35:01 EDT 2016


We have a Cyrus-IMAP server, v2.4.17 - which we're about to do an "in 
place" upgrade (i.e. keep the data, re-install newer version of OS + Cyrus 

In testing this seems to work out OK (once the new server is run up, 
database files etc. are 'in place' upgrade as they're found - or we can 
force a rebuild of everything).

The 2.4.17 server has a partner it replicates to. If we update the main 
server to 2.5.7 - is this still able to replicate to it's 2.4.17 partner?

This would be good for us - as it means we don't have to do both systems 
"at the same time" (as the whole O/S partition is being installed a fresh).



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