Possible issues in master.c (centry_add hiding entries, snmp_timeout applied when it shouldn't)

Jens Erat jens.erat at uni-konstanz.de
Fri Apr 1 05:02:40 EDT 2016

Dear Cyrus developers,

when searching for the issue with our mail setup crashing all few days,
I've been reading the Cyrus master code for quite some time and found
two possible issues. By the way, I'll send out the promised feedback on
our proposed patch within the next week or two; we're now running the
patch without modified `-T` and everything seems fine so far.

## centry_add hides older entries

This seems like a minor issue as it might result in broken state in rare
cases, which repairs itself after "hiding" process is terminated again
(which might take days or even weeks, though).

`centry_add` does simply add a new entry to the ctable, but does not
verify whether it already exists:

    /* add a centry to the global table of all
     * centries, using the given pid as the key */
    static void centry_add(struct centry *c, pid_t p)
        c->pid = p;
        c->next = ctable[p % child_table_size];
        ctable[p % child_table_size] = c;

While debugging, we added a `centry_find` call before adding and indeed
observed sporadic events when entries have been added, but not cleaned
up yet. Mostly they occurred when Cyrus was stuck because of the
`select` interrupting the master loop, but very rarely this also
happened during normal operation. I must admit we had a situation with
heavily increased probability for for such issues:

- Solaris limited to 30k PIDs by default, while we're running 10-12k
processes during normal operation
- `-T 60` joined with a high prefork resulted in imapd processes
terminated frequently
- Single active, rather large machine serving a large number of users,
lots of them using a webmail system with very short IMAP sessions
- Because of the `select` bug, we often didn't have the child janitor
cleaning up the ctable for seconds and minutes

Generally, this might happen on every setup when having bad luck.

To fix this issue and completely prevent such hiding of older processes,
I'd propose to run `centry_find` before adding a new entry, and run the
child janitor if needed.

## snmp_timeout might be run when it shouldn't

First of all, I have no experience at all with SNMP and what I observed
is simply wrong or irrelevant. But reading the docs while putting
together our `select` patch, I noted that `snmp_timeout` should only be
run if `select` timed out (from `man 3 snmp_timeout`):

> If select times out, snmp_timeout should be called to see if the
timeout was intended for SNMP.

The master loop calls `snmp_timeout()` unconditionally, though:

        r = myselect(maxfd, &rfds, NULL, NULL, tvptr);
        if (r == -1 && errno == EAGAIN) continue;
        if (r == -1 && errno == EINTR) continue;
        if (r == -1) {
            /* uh oh */
            fatalf(1, "select failed: %m");

    #if defined(HAVE_UCDSNMP) || defined(HAVE_NETSNMP)
        /* check for SNMP queries */

I'd propose to check for an empty `rfds`-set or zero return value before
running `snmp_timeout` (not sure which one would be more appropriate).


Jens Erat
Universität Konstanz
Kommunikations-, Infomations-, Medienzentrum (KIM)
Abteilung Basisdienste
D-78457 Konstanz
Mail: jens.erat at uni-konstanz.de

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