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Fri Sep 11 00:17:49 EDT 2015

Hi gang,

In the last stages of bringing over the wiki from onto Nearly there!

Looking at the Future Ideas page:

I suspect that many of these future ideas are now past ideas, having
been implemented or discarded. I'm after feedback on:

What's definitely part of Cyrus now What's still under development, and
by whom What's still a future idea, just waiting on someone to implement
it. What's no longer a good idea and has been discarded

Short version of the list...
  1. CHARSET changes - see: Charset Changes
  2. Index record checksums (with one addition, see below) - see:
     Index Checksums
  3. GUIDs - sha1 always, always check on reconstruct
  4. audit tool for GUIDs and checksums - integrity check/cleaner
  5. lazy cyrus.cache loading and auto-recreate. - see: Lazy Cache
  6. modseq always enabled (CONDSTORE optional)
  7. Replication GUID safety
  8. Replication binary equivalence - see: Low Bandwidth Replication
  9. mboxlist sort order correctness
 10. combine cyrus.index, cyrus.expunge (this is the biggie!) - see:
     Merge Index
 11. owner/shared seen in cyrus.index (reduce IO) - see: Owner Seen
 12. Sieve date extension supported ( rfc5260) Bron said: I've already
     extracted 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 out for definite inclusion in 2.4. I
     think 9 would be reasonable to add as well.



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