Crashes in lmtpproxyd, and a patch

Giles Malet gdmalet at
Fri Nov 27 14:15:03 EST 2015

>     h->conn = backend_connect(NULL, server, &mupdate_protocol,
>                                "", cbs, &status);

Sorry, the crash is actually a few lines lower; it's dying in a call to 
syslog. For some reason my core file is not lining up properly, and that 
confused me:

     if (!h->conn) {
         syslog(LOG_ERR, "mupdate_connect failed: %s", status ? status : 
"no auth status");

(gdb) info locals
h = 0x7fd24c0008c0
local_cbs = 1
status = 0xffffffff <Address 0xffffffff out of bounds>

It's the dereference of status that is the problem.


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