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Mon Nov 2 01:35:32 EST 2015

Yeah, we set the meeting times based on the fact that the majority of
people attending are in Australia and Europe, and Ken doesn't mind
getting up early.

If we had sufficient interest from California, we could do an early
morning Australia meeting, which would be in the middle of your day - it
would get late for Europe though!


On Mon, Nov 2, 2015, at 16:00, Jan Parcel via Cyrus-devel wrote:
> Guess this is why I use email to talk to
        cyrus folks.....
        11:00 AMMonday,Coordinated Universal Time(UTC) is
> 3:00 AMMonday,  CA
      On 11/01/2015 08:29 PM, Bron Gondwana via Cyrus-devel wrote:
>> Yep, which makes the meeting an hour earlier for you.  The time is
>> unchanged in UTC, still 11am.  So that's 6am New York (Eastern) time
>> rather than 7am now.


On Mon, Nov 2, 2015, at 15:23, Jan Parcel via Cyrus-devel wrote:
>>> On 11/01/2015 08:16 PM, Nicola Nye via Cyrus-devel wrote:
>>>> i have a sneaking suspicion that USA just did a daylight savings
>>>> switch.
>>> Yes we did, it is now 8:23 PM.
>>>> What time does this make our meeting tonight? (Bearing in mind
>>>> that it's
also a public holiday here in Melbourne and I'm not sure how many of the
FastMail folks are away)

On Thu, Oct 8, 2015, at 09:20 PM, Bron Gondwana wrote:
>>>>> At Monday's meeting we decided that two meetings per week was
>>>>> overkill,
and we're going to drop back to just Monday.  This is also good for
Australia because we're an hour later now, and that means 11pm for the
Thursday meeting.

So Monday time stays the same, 11am UTC.  See some of you then :)


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