Documentation Unification and Awesomeification

Nicola Nye nicolan at
Mon May 18 23:57:13 EDT 2015

Hi folks,

I'm a tech writer with FastMail and I'm here to help.

Here's my plan to organise the (many and flavourful) varieties of
documentation surrounding the Cyrus imap universe. Please speak up if
you have thoughts/ideas/objections!

*The Goal* Make the content on the authoritative
source for all things Cyrus Imap/Sasl. (The server/websitename will be
changing at some point, but we still need the content in one spot)

*The Plan* Migrate content from cyrusimap mediawiki, where appropriate.
Update as necessary. Absorb relevant content lurking on's wiki (specifically the developer setup/install
guide) Update to just point people at

*Doc structure* So what should the new look like?
Much as it does now, just with more!

 * What is Cyrus
 * About the Cyrus Foundation (what, who, history, bylaws)
 * Latest news
 * Features (roadmap) Download
 * Beta, Stable, Old
 * Pointers to Docs/Install guides Documentation
 * Contributor (Set up your dev env, prerequisites, obtaining source and
   libraries, building, verifying, gotchas, faq)
 * Administrator (installation, verification, customisation, operation,
   faq, man pages) Support
 * Contact (irc, mailing list)
 * Bug reports

And generally making it more pretty - cyrusimap has an icon and colour
scheme which presumably could be brought over to
which currently looks stylistically sparse.

Nic (onlight) seems to have a good handle on bringing the man pages up
to date and ensuring they're current at, which is
great. (cyrus-docs/source/imap/admin/commands and in cyrus-imap/man both
contain man pages)

*Questions* Is someone able to upgrade my privileges so I can commit
changes to the cyrus-docs tree? (*Jeroen?*)

Does the new site need copyright content across it (a la cyrusimap which
refers to CMU). If so, what do we need? Currently it just says copyright
"The Cyrus Team".

What's the process for pushing a new batch of docs onto once they're written?

What else am I missing?



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