cyrus-sasl autotools question

Jan Parcel jan.parcel at
Fri May 15 13:58:31 EDT 2015


I did a git pull of cyrus-sasl, hoping to find out if there is activity 
to update it to recent autotools changes, because the autotools setup in 
cyrus-sasl is both broken and out-of-date from a developer's viewpoint.  
But the cmulocal directory wasn't in there.

With the move, here, from autotools-1.11 to 1.15, suddenly my Solaris 
compile broke and this time it gave a few zillion warnings about the use 
of deprecated interfaces.   I will admit it probably still compiles if 
being configured and run for one particular machine, but I'm trying to 
go for a more-generally-useful model.

So I'm curious:

Does the cmulocal directory in cyrus-imap match (or something) the one 
that comes with the official
Is autotools updating going on for cyrus in general?
What about cyrus-sasl?
What about, say, next year?
How involved is CMU?    Do they give class projects in this area at all?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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