uniqueid based paths (was: Minutes 16/3)

Gerd v. Egidy lists at egidy.de
Mon Mar 23 08:50:46 EDT 2015

> Tech support is another use case here.
> People often call and say they can't find a message in this and that folder
> or that some Kolab data is not up to date. We ssh into the machine
> and then use f.e. midnight commander to browse the folders of the user.

Yes, that is a common use case. Being able to grep, du, copy or otherwise 
script access to all folders of a user really speeds up support. You can 
immediately see what the user has done with your natural tools on the 

> With uniqueid based paths, it won't be easy to use unix tools to grep
> the message base of a single user only. You first need to filter
> the list of folders and then limit your "view" to that folder list.
> A tool that lists the user folder -> uniqueid based path
> in a machine parsable way (=scriptable) might help here.

How about a FUSE filesystem? Classic UNIX way of doing things: everything is a 
file or directory. That way you could use all your tools the natural way 
without any changes to them. Probably this should be read only and it should 
have proper locking of it's access to mailboxes.db.

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