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On 2015-03-20 07:39, Chris Davies wrote:
> Not sure if you saw my previous IRC messages. The IRC server rejected 
> some
> of them because I used copy & paste which broke each line down to 
> individual
> messages.
> I'm currently rerunning the run command '*docker run -t -i cyrus-
> imapd-3.0.santiago*'. It failed multiple times but continued running 
> tests.
> Unfortunately my terminal only shows the last 512 lines, so I’ve 
> updated it
> to show unlimited lines so I can see what actually failed first. Should 
> the
> tests stop once they hit a failure? or capture that and output it at 
> the
> end?

It should do its best to run as many tests if possible. So, if a 
"relaxed" make succeeds but a "strict" make fails, it can continue doing 
unit tests and cassandane based on a relaxed build.

All output should be available on your stdout/stderr, so you might as 

   $ docker run -it cyrusimapd/santiago 2>&1 | tee santiago.log

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