Minutes 16/3

Bron Gondwana brong at fastmail.fm
Mon Mar 16 18:50:34 EDT 2015

Meetings are held here: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/g4xnqjjb5zvomzeb4kqvja3fz4a

Everyone is welcome if you are interested in volunteering or just knowing what's going on.

The next meeting is on Thursday Australia/Wednesday rest of the world:


Present - the usual suspects: Ken, Ellie, Jeroen, Anthony, Bron.  Apologies from Simon who had to rescue a sick child.

 - working on merging http code from caldav-2.4 to master
 - it's compiling, but not tested
 - the ACL code has been changed back to match the spec, but with a header Overwrite: F to give more IMAP-like semantics.

 - working on uniqueid-based-paths
 - we'll need upgrade path for existing installs (maybe detect old path and rename-on-open?)
 - reconstruct et al will need support for the new paths.  Rebuild mailboxes.db from the new cyrus.header with all mailboxes.db data in it.

 - working on autoconf
 - going slowly, sorting out what's actually needed and simplifying

Bron going away from 1st to 10th of April.  Will be in Tasmania - slow internet, no hangouts, still answering email.  Will have search system in place for Anthony to work on by then.

 - been looking at replication code to see how to build backup/restore from it
 - new task: T110 - the sync-based XFER.  To work with Ken on porting from caldav-2.4 to master (and backport to 2.5)
 - going to put all the breakdown of tasks for this into Phab.

 - Jeroen would like to have a place where tests run which isn't his personal desktop.  We need to get the Jenkins machine up and running.  There are a few choices, FastMail has real hardware, or we can set up something temporarily on softlayer.  Bron to work out the right thing tomorrow with Chris.

 - new features spotty on older platforms - not recent enough versions of dependencies (i.e. Jansson) available
 - All these platforms can run Docker though.
 - conclusion: we aren't going to spend effort trying to support old versions of libraries.  Either build your own and link against it, or just run one of our docker images.  We will build a batteries-included docker image that anyone can run - just bind mount in the data paths and away you go.
 - providing packages now, using Kolab's build system, because OpenSuSE's buildd didn't do enough different platforms.
 - still built manually from tarball right now - could make this automatic, but only after passing the test suite (see above)

 - it needs to be replaced and/or updated.  Right now our public information is shockingly out of date/bad.
 - FastMail will have a new tech writer soon, and we should have some of their time for the Cyrus project.
 - site to be moved to a Drupal instance run by Kolab.

Nobody had anything else to talk about, and everyone has stuff to go on with.


  Bron Gondwana
  brong at fastmail.fm

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