Minutes March 2nd

Bron Gondwana brong at fastmail.fm
Mon Mar 9 08:36:36 EDT 2015

Sorry about the delay in writing this up - I left my notes at work, and then I got busy with other things.

2.5: Expunge fix.  There was a bug with upgrades and expunging messages from old-version mailboxes which was due to a flaw in how I was handling storing EXISTS vs NUM_RECORDS in old version mailboxes.  This had to be fixed before releasing 2.5.

Phabricator has a workboard.  Backlog (current tasks) and Wishlist.
Tasks are either being worked on, or up for grabs.
Also need to keep an idea of priority if we're going to hit targets.

Task: obsolete CMULOCAL and make autoconf as stock-standard as possible

Discusson of drydock/testing environments.

Daylight savings is coming soon, which will change our meeting times.  We'll deal with it as we get there.

* redirect web page to git.cyrus.foundation
* push to existing repos for now so cgit URLs still work (or set that up at the end of the redirections) so links in emails don't go away.
* need to update contributing information

New website
- base on a template like Kolab?  Maybe
- use existing Drupal setup as maintained by Kolab, because they already have one
- use existing processes to manage it and keep it updated
  => design - we'll need images, and a logo.  Bron to talk to Pierre about logo.
- keep it as simple as possible, as little work as possible

2.4.18: maybe in a week or so.  All existing patches, support less-strict replication mode.

Packaging for 2.5:
- most important thing is make sure upgrade path is clear, provide instructions for users to run the reconstruct, or run it during upgrade

List-ext bugs will still be in 2.5.

Big discussion of "associated folders" - for example an entire user, having a single central MODSEQ point, UIDVALIDITY counter, etc.  We talked a lot about shared folders, and in the end decided on the name "NAMEROOT" - similar to "QUOTAROOT", which would normally be a user, but could be a part of the shared hierarchy as well.

Documentation is now continuously deployed from the git repo.  Yay.

Lots of pages still need to be converted across and reviewed.  Trying to get other people to get involved and help out.

Chris is working on new Jenkins setup.  Until then, Jeroen is abusing Phabricator's frameworks to at least do basic testing.

Different configure/build args is outside scope for Cassandane, so can't really be tested there.  I argued very strongly for reducing or even eliminating optional feature compilation.  If you don't have the libraries that you need installed, you can bloody well go out and get them rather than us shipping custom versions of a ton of libraries or maintaining multiple codepaths, half of which are never tested.

Jeroen to work on packaging Cyrus for various platforms.

Will want Jenkins to build every commit and call back to Phabricator to say what passed.  For now it won't block commits going on to master, but just report failures so we can see what shape the tree is in.

TODO: we need to nail down what's in 3.0 (you'll see a theme here over the next two lots)


  Bron Gondwana
  brong at fastmail.fm

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