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James Cassell fedoraproject at cyberpear.com
Sun Mar 1 22:14:43 EST 2015

On Mon, Feb 23, 2015, at 08:19 AM, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> Meeting was held in Google Hangout  https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/g4xnqjjb5zvomzeb4kqvja3fz4a?hl=en
> Time: 20150223T12:00:00Z - 7am US East, 1pm Europe, 11pm Melbourne.
> Present (by irc nic):
> achowe (Anthony Howe)
> brong (Bron Gondwana)
> elliefm (Ellie Timoney)
> kmurchison (Ken Murchison)
> tankenmate (Matt Keenan)
> ^Simon^ (Simon Amor)
>  (Steven Kelbley)
>  (Jean)
> People:
> ======
> The Cyrus foundation's largest sponsors are Netmail, represented by Pierre Chamberland, followed by FastMail, represented by Bron.  Bron to talk to Pierre over the next couple of days about budget for hiring people for QA and Documentation.
> We have some people working dedicated time on the project (paid for by their respective employers)
> * Anthony - sponsor Cyrus Foundation - full time
> * Bron - sponsor FastMail -  ~20 hours/week
> * Ellie - sponsor FastMail - 20 hours/week
> * Ken - sponsor CMU
> * Jeroen - sponsor Kolab
> As well as some lovely people who have volunteered what time they can give:
> * Matt - hopefully ~8 hours/week
> * Steven - studying full time now, but hoping to have lots of time for the project over the summer break (end of May)

* James - busy lately; may have more time at the end of may.  Currently, I can do ~1-2 hrs per week from my limited free time.

> We will hopefully have other people being paid by the Cyrus Foundation for their work over time, though it won't come with automatic "ownership" privileges over code areas!
> Task allocation:
> ============
> TBA:
> * murder
> * sieve (James Cassell?)

I'd love to take responsibility for sieve.  As I have been implementing 
some extensions, I've seen many opportunities for code cleanup, bug 
fixes, etc.  That said, if there's anyone else with an interest and 
more time available than me, that person should take it.  (My $dayjob 
is unrelated to technology, so my current employer won't be sponsoring, 
though in the next ~18 months I'll be trying to get a tech-related 
job.)  To date, I have tried to make my changes be as minimal as 
possible to achieve the desired effect, in part to allow people (and 
myself) to understand each change I make.

> * packaging (Ondřej Surý?, Jeroen?)
> * pre-packaged (VM, Kolab environment, "JMAP Server")?

James Cassell

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