[Differential] [Request, 378 lines] D52: Create ReStructureText manpage for imapd.conf

Nic Bernstein nic at onlight.com
Tue Jun 23 17:49:36 EDT 2015

Dear Developers and especially #imap_reviewers,
This recently pushed diff, D52, is intended to support the creation of 
rI:cyrus-imapd/man/imapd.conf.rst, which in turn can be plopped into 
rD:cyrus-docs/source/imapd/admin/configs/imapd.conf.rst to build man 
pages and online documentation.

In order to get this to work, I had to make some small changes to 
lib/imapoptions, mostly to correct non-standard comments which cause 
issues both with the existing config2man as well as with the new 
config2rst commands.

As I don't have rights to land this, I hope someone who does have those 
rights will do so, assuming it passes review.

The next issue to deal with, then, is to get config2rst added into the 
autoconf/makefile stuff, and to figure out just how we will actually 
merge imapd.conf.rst into rD, and then to merge the generated man pages 
from rD:cyrus-docs/build/man back into rI:cyrus-imapd/man.

I leave these tasks for the actual developers, rather than little old 
me. :-)

Along with D49, this should close T84.


On 06/23/2015 04:31 PM, onlight (Nic Bernstein) wrote:
> onlight created this revision.
> onlight added reviewers: IMAP Reviewers, Documentation Reviewers.
>    New tool, config2rst, will support the creation of .rst version
>    of imapd.conf.5 manpage.
>    Slight changes to lib/imapoptions to correct formatting and ensure
>    interoperation with aforementioned config2rst.
>    None
>    rI cyrus-imapd
>    dev/config2rst-work
>    https://git.cyrus.foundation/D52
>    lib/imapoptions
>    tools/config2rst
>    https://git.cyrus.foundation/settings/panel/emailpreferences/
> To: onlight, murchison, elliefm, brong, vanmeeuwen, admin, nicolan, amor

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