Meeting notes Jun 15

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Jun 15 07:39:52 EDT 2015

Short form meeting notes: better than nothing!  I haven't written up the last few, but we have been having them, and we're going to keep having 2 meetings per week because it's nice to see that everyone is alive, as Conrad said last time :)

Next meeting is Thursday June 18th, midday UTC.

- whitespace changes
- list code
- jmap work - Drafts on Gmail suck

- propfind or report?  What do we need to fix so that Apple contacts still work?
- RFC7231 - Allow Header 7.4.1 (Evolution issue)

Conrad - added config options for openio_
- still have some errors, but coming along
- code all on github, Bron to review

Raymond - nothing to report yet
- still getting familiar with the code
- have a setup - putting breakpoints and tracking what's happening.
- should have plan by end of week
- would it be ideal to extract entire mailbox structure?

- getting to speed with Nicola and Nic's changes

- failing Caldav tests - needs to pull down a docker image and test
- Chris will try to get working on his machine
- Test data - buy a domain just for testing, or QA test domain
- Bron to find Coverity details - our search engine finds everything with "cover" in it.
- Link checker - installed for Cyrus Foundation.  Found issues, but it's all just a few actual problems.  Emailed around.

  Bron Gondwana
  brong at

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