OpenIO integration in Cyrus3

Conrad Kleinespel conradk at
Mon Jun 8 17:46:24 EDT 2015

Hello JF,

Thank you very much for the update ! Prefixes sound good :-)

I should be able to start testing your branch soon and contribute, as
the Docker image enables me to have a reliable development environment
locally (there are still a few errors coming up in syslog which I'd like
to take a look at).

Just for the record, the Open IO SDS Docker image is available here: I push to the master
branch as I go.

Best regards,

Conrad Kleinespel
conradk at
+33 6 23 82 42 79

On Mon, Jun 8, 2015, at 05:47 PM, Jean-Francois SMIGIELSKI wrote:
> Thanks a lot, Bron and Conrad!
> Things are on the way to work much better, now. OpenIO's libraries
> exported some functions whose name collided with other exported by cyrus.
> For the current case, it comes from "message_get_field()". Once patched,
> it worked as expected.
> I am currently fixing this (OpenIO SDS lacks prefixes and naming
> conventions), so we will be ready for an iteration further. I'll ping the
> list as soon as it's done.
> Warm regards,
> Jean-François SMIGIELSKI<mailto:jean-francois.smigielski at>
> OpenIO, Co-founder + R&D Manager
> +33.625135563

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