Patch: forcing SSL before auth

Leena Heino Leena.Heino at
Mon Aug 10 01:42:04 EDT 2015


Attached is a patch to add CA certificate options to cyradm. The patch 
does not change the dafault functionality in cyradm it only adds 
the missing CA certificate options and documentation.

This is a refinement to the patch that Carlos Velasco patch has sent.

This patch can be applied to Cyrus imapd 2.4, 2.5 and git master branches.

This patch adds following options and documentation to cyradm:
--tlskey <keyfile>    Use certicate with keyfile to authentica with 
--notls               Disable StartTLS negotiation
--cafile <cacertfile> Use CA certificate file to validate server certificate
--cadir <cacertdirectory> Use CA certificate directory to validate
                           server certificate

   Leena Heino              University of Tampere / Computer Centre
   ( liinu at )      ( )

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