Idled and process in Start section

Carlos Velasco carlos.velasco at
Wed Aug 5 17:27:22 EDT 2015


I enabled idled daemon to have a faster reply to idle commands.
After doing this I realized the idled process have parent pid of 1.
root     17606     1  0 21:26 pts/9    00:00:00 idled

This means that when master process is killed (SIGQUIT/SIGTERM) idled daemon is not killed along all process from cyrus imapd. So, stopping/starting cyrus let a lot of idled daemons running, until I realized the problem.

My cyrus-imapd version is 2.5.4

I think master is assigning ppid of 1, cause this line in master.c:
set_caps(AFTER_FORK, /*is_master*/1);

I can't see the thinking here, what is the reason for this ppid of 1?

Also, stopping and starting cyrus using SIGQUIT (graceful) or SIGTERM, show this notice:
local6:notice ctl_cyrusdb: ctl_cyrusdb[17604]: skiplist: clean shutdown file missing, updating recovery stamp

If I am shutting down graceful, why is this file missing?

Carlos Velasco

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