PATCH for lmtp was [frontend lmtp connections to mupdate master]

Michael Menge michael.menge at
Mon Sep 29 11:47:53 EDT 2014


Quoting Michael Menge <michael.menge at>:

> Quoting Michael Menge <michael.menge at>:
>> By thew way, the reason I was so surprised in the first place was, that
>> I have been fooled by the documentation:
>> Quoting
>>> Configuring the frontends
>>> [...]
>>> However, because the frontends only talk to the mupdate master via  
>>>  a  slave running on the local machine, you will also need to set  
>>> up  a  slave on the same machine, in the SERVICES section of   
>>> cyrus.conf,  like so
> And an other misleading DOC !
> Quoting   
>> UMich patch
>> Patch Patches are against 2.2 but are being moved to 2.3 Lmtpproxyd  
>>  will now use the local mailboxes.db

Quoting Wesley Craig <wescraig at>:

> On 29 Sep 2014, at 10:08, Michael Menge  
> <michael.menge at> wrote:
>> thanks for your mail. By any chance do you still have the patch?
> In fact, I don't.  Dusting off my notes, I recall now that instead  
> of patching this (bogus) code, we instead decided to configure the  
> frontends as "unified", while leaving the backends "standard".  The  
> only downside of this approach was that a naive admin could  
> potentially create a user's mailbox on a frontend.
> Sorry I said that we ported that code forward: in fact we simply got  
> the effect of consulting mailboxes.db without porting forward.
> :wes

I have patched my lmtpd to use the local mailbox.db in all cases,
unified Murder, and standalone cyrus already did this.
I tested it with a few testmails on my test system,
but as i don't have a unified setup or a standalone test system
at the moment i didn't test these setups.

I would appreciate a review.


    Michael Menge

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