Cyrus 2.5 release plan

James Cassell fedoraproject at
Wed Sep 17 21:33:23 EDT 2014

On Tue, Sep 16, 2014, at 06:18 PM, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> I've been very idle on Cyrus for a while, I'm sorry.  There's always
> heaps going on at FastMail, and we have been focussing quite a lot on our
> own branch's calendar support recently.
> As always, you can see the code we are using, and grab whatever you want
> - it's all under the same licence as upstream Cyrus - right here:
> In October 2014, I'm going to be in the area again.  It seems fitting to
> do the same with 2.5.0 (though we might go to Pittsburgh for Dave this
> time.  Guys, that means 2.6.0 will be in Melbourne in 2018, just so you
> can get planning).
> Release date is October 24th if all goes well.
> If you have a pet feature that MUST be in, or a pet bug that MUST be
> fixed - let us know now.  Bonus points if you've already got a patch for
> it, or a test case :)

I've been working on implementing the imap4flags sieve extension.  The
notable changes over the imapflags extension are support of the :flags
parameter on the 'keep' and 'fileinto' actions, and the 'hasflag' test. 
I believe the code to be about 95% complete.  Remaining is support of
the :count parameter to the 'hasflag' test.

I also added support for :copy to the 'keep' action, but just yesterday
realized that the spec doesn't call for a :copy parameter to the keep
action.  I'll amend my patch series to remove this support unless
someone else finds it useful.

I started originally based my work on the 2.4.17 release since that was
the latest stable release.  I have since rebased my work onto master.

I would very much appreciate any testing of the code and welcome any

The first patch in the series has nothing to do with sieve.  It allows
the latest CUnit (2.1-3) to run properly.  I couldn't figure out how to
make the change so that it conditionally compiles using autoconf. 
Perhaps someone here could help me with that?

Here is my work-in-progress code:


James Cassell

> Cheers,
> Bron.

P.S., Re-sending because I originally sent it from the wrong e-mail
address and the list bounced it.

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