Release 2.5 status update

Bron Gondwana brong at
Sat Nov 1 06:47:07 EDT 2014

So I got sidetracked a bit:

commit 9bfeeec1d9140ec04e9bbe6119f3626b4238212d
Author: Bron Gondwana <brong at>
Date:   Wed Oct 29 10:46:02 2014 -0700

    mailbox: support old versions back to v6 transparently
    Makes upgrade from 2.3 not suck so hard


This was a majorly requested feature.  It took a lot of work, but I think it's solid now.  It works even with Cyrus 2.2 I hope (I haven't managed to build it on my machine yet, gotta install an older linux version and run something up.

Still to do is making sure that we only write old-format mailboxes.db entries when writing old format cyrus.index records, and we should be able to seamlessly upgrade or downgrade for all the known versions, which is pretty cool.

The cyrus.cache format hasn't changed appreciably in that time (yet, I have plans), so it should be fairly backwards compatible.  The one thing that did change is some character encoding, so cyrus.cache based searches might be a bit strange.

I still have to do the sync work - sync-based XFER is a nice to have (needed for CMU, but not a regression) - but I don't want the existing sync code to be in a release version that we need to support.

And that's that :)  I'm going to keep working on the sync stuff as much as I can over the next week, and let you know how I'm going by then.  I'm sorry that it's not as released as I had hoped by now - feel free to play with the master branch at CMU, it's pretty solid already.


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