Internationalization of the Automatically rejected message

Fabio S. Schmidt fabio at
Tue Jul 15 13:48:40 EDT 2014

Hi !

I noticed that that when a message is rejected automatically by Sieve, the
Subject and the text as well, are fixed in english in the code
(lmtp_sieve.c). I do known that the user is able to inform the reason for
the reject, but with the Subject and the initial text in english it may
cause confusion, on my environment for instance, most users do not
understand english at all and actually delete or mark those messages as

Is there any plan to change this behavior on future versions? I mean, a way
to change the Subject and the initial text of the automatically reject
messages without recompiling Cyrus?


My best regards,
Fabio Soares Schmidt

Linux Professional Institute - LPIC-3
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Active Directory
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