Crash on index upgrade: failed to mmap new message file

Thomas Jarosch thomas.jarosch at
Thu Feb 6 12:00:36 EST 2014


I just encountered one system where cyr_expire / reconstruct / imapd process
died during the index upgrade from cyrus 2.3.16 to 2.4.17.

The error message was:
    "fatal error: failed to mmap new message file"

To make a long debug session short: One folder had a broken "cyrus.index" 
file that seemed to contain an index record for uid 0 (-> invalid record).
(I saved the file in case it's of interest)

Consider this call stack:
        -> mailbox_message_fname(mailbox, record->uid)
        -> message_parse(fname, record)

When mailbox_message_fname(mailbox, record->uid) is called for uid 0,
the function returns the folder name without any message filename.

In my case that was ".../user/xxx/Sent items" instead of
".../user/xxx/Sent items/123.".

message_parse() then calls map_refresh() with the folder name (ugh!)
and dies with the above error message.

The workaround was to kill the broken cyrus.index file and run reconstruct.

@Bron: Do you know by chance if this error case is detected in 2.5?
I took a quick look at the code in git HEAD and it seems to behave the same.


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