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Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) vanmeeuwen at
Wed Jun 19 08:49:49 EDT 2013

Hi there,

as part of an exercise to make use of event notifications for the 
purposes of auditing (non-syslog), I wanted to add an event notification 
for ACL changes.

Please find attached a patch for your review, an aggregate of the work 
in dev/acl-change-notification[1].

I have a couple of things I myself am pondering as well;

- ACL change notifications are not a part of any RFC as such (but for 
[2]), and therefore the fields aclSubject / aclRights may need a 
'vnd.cmu' prefix? Does the event name "AclChange" need a similar prefix?

- In relation to the previous consideration, this change (in part) could 
relate to "Access Control List Changes in IMAP NOTIFY"[2].

- The event (type) could perhaps use a separate "event_groups" in 
imapd.conf(5), but for now I stuffed them under "access" - the fields 
themselves could also be subject to inclusion in event_extra_params 
instead, perhaps.

Thanks, in advance,

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen


Systems Architect, Kolab Systems AG

e: vanmeeuwen at
m: +44 74 2516 3817

pgp: 9342 BF08
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