sync_client fails with GSSAPI error 'unknown mech-code 0 for mech unknown'

Karl Pielorz kpielorz_lst at
Wed Jun 5 05:13:42 EDT 2013

--On 04 June 2013 11:49 -0500 Dan White <dwhite at> wrote:

>> The replica doesn't appear to log anything - we only use 'simple'
>> saslpasswd2 authentication on the servers (no LDAP / database
>> backend) - any suggestions on where to start looking to fix this?
> Oh, so you don't really want to use gssapi?

We've never used it before - we just setup accounts with 'saslpasswd2 -c' - 
no kerberos, ldap or anything.

> On your sync server (replica), you can restrict which sasl mechanisms are
> offered.
> Assuming that you have named your sync server 'syncserver' in your
> /etc/cyrus.conf, configure /etc/imapd.conf with:

I have to 'name' my sync server, in cyrus.conf? - how?

In the end I resolved this by simply making sure 'sasl_mech_list' only 
listed what we use...



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