cyrus-sasl: cmulocal/ direcotry and pkg-config

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Tue May 29 18:54:33 EDT 2012


while we are on cyrus-sasl issues:

Does the change of the ABI in cyrus-sasl require changes in  
cyrus-imapd?  I guess no, since it was reported that the ABI changed  
in 2.1.24 and I use 2.1.25.  But anyway, would it be possible to use  
pkg-config with cyrus-sasl 2.1.26, that installs a file  
$(pkgdatadir)/cyrus-sasl.pc, so that cyrus-imapd and other packages  
can use pkg-config`s autoconf macros to check for the version of  
cyrus-imapd ?  If yes, I can provide patches for pkg-config support on  
cyrus-sasl .

If cyrus-sasl 2.1.26 uses pkg-config, would it be acceptable for  
cyrus-imapd 2.5 to require cyrus-sasl 2.1.26 <=> replace the autoconf  
macros for finding cyrus-imapd with the pkg-config-autoconf macros  

What is the rule to update the cmulocal/ directory in cyrus-imapd?  I  
have read somewhere that it is shared between cyrus-imapd and  
cyrus-sasl, but despite of this I have put in  
cyrus-imapd:master/cmulocal AS_HELP_STRING to AC_ARG_ENABLE and  
AC_ARG_WITH . What is the procedure to update the cyrus-imapd/cmulocal  
directory, if it is shared with cyrus-sasl?

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    Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 16:15:51 +0200
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Subject: ABI change in cyrus sasl 2.1.25
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> Hi,
> [speaking about:]
> is there a timeframe for releasing 2.1.26?
> The ABI change should have changed and this is causing some havoc in
> OpenLDAP runtimes, thus it would be really nice to have fixed version
> with bumped SONAME. I don't want to bump SONAME solely in Debian
> package since it would break compatibility across the ecosystems, but
> we are discussing doing that even though it will create some problems
> later.
> So it would be really nice if you could just release 2.1.26 or
> (whatever suits you) with bumped SONAME.
> O.
> --
> Ondřej Surý <ondrej at>

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