Libtool and Support for Shared Libraries (2)

Greg Banks gnb at
Tue May 22 03:26:37 EDT 2012

On Thu, May 17, 2012, at 01:21 AM, Дилян Палаузов wrote:
> Hello,
> I have integrated the comments about libtool/shared libraries and at the 
> end the changes are:
>    -- in libcyrus_min:libconfig:config_read one parameter is added for 
> config_need_data, so that this variable does not have to be global and 
> presented in programs, not using config_read, update all invocations of 
> the function to use the new API
>    -- in libimap:global:cyrus_init add one parameter (config_need_data), 
> so that its value can be passed to config_read; update all invocations 
> of cyrus_init;
>    -- create by default only shared libraries, this can be further tuned 
> with ./configure --enable-static / --disable-shared
>    -- rename libsieve and libimap to libcyrus_sieve and libcyrus_sieve 
> and install them in $(libdir) (e.g. /usr/lib)
>    -- make the perl/{imap,sieve/managesieve} modules use the shared 
> libraries libcyrys_min and libcyrus.  This might lead to a problem, when 
> the tests in perl/imap/t/ are run, before the shared libraries are 
> installed, as the tests depend on the shared libraries, but the tests 
> are not instructed to where to find thw libraries.
>    -- when there is no system-wide libcom_err, compile the bundled one 
> as libcyrus_com_err and eventually install it in $(libdir)

commit " remove LD_SIEVE_FLAGS"
commit "timsieved/scripttest.c: mark internal functions with "static""
commit " build doc/text/htmlstrip only on "make dist""

This all looks good

commit " move the defintion of COM_ERR_LIB here"

I don't think there's any point having COM_ERR_LIB and COM_ERR_LIBS,
just one should do, but we can tweak that later.

commit "libcyrus_min:libconfig:config_read: add parameter
commit "libimap:global:cyrus_init add parameter config_need_data"

I think this could be done more cleanly, but it does solve the immediate

commit "notifyd/notifytest: add a function fatal"
commit ", Add libtool support"
commit "/.gitignore: update to ingore .la, .lo and .libs/ files"
commit "convert lib/libcyrus_min.a to libtool archive"
commit "convert lib/libcyrus.a to libtool archive"
commit "convert com_err/et/libcom_err.a to a libtool archive"
commit "convert sieve/libsieve.a to a libtool archive"
commit "convert imap/libimap.a to a libtool archivedev"

Looks good, except that the Perl build is broken.  I get this:

make[2]: Entering directory `/home/gnb/software/cyrus/imapd/perl/imap'
make[2]: *** No rule to make target `-lcyrus', needed by `subdirs'. 
make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished 

I've been wrestling with this most of the day but libtool + MakeMaker =
one enormous headache :(

Also, is there a way of getting rid of these warnings:

  /bin/bash ./libtool   --mode=install /usr/bin/install -c imtest/imtest
libtool: install: warning: `lib/' has not been installed in
libtool: install: warning: `lib/' has not been installed
in `/usr/cyrus/lib'

because there's quite a lot of them and they're confusing the script I
use to find compile time warnings.

> I hope with uploading now the separate branch "dev/libtool" on 
> I will not mess up the things again. 

I think you should go ahead and merge it in once we can get the Perl
code building .  There's a few problems remaining after that but nothing
we can't handle once we know about it.  In other news I've tweaked
Cassandane to set up $LD_LIBRARY_PATH so it will be able to run Cyrus
binaries built for shared libraries.


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