Add VACATION :seconds support

Дилян Палаузов dilyan.palauzov at
Mon May 21 18:45:02 EDT 2012

Hello Philipp,

it is great, that you bring this further.  I have done the following 
changes to your code and uploaded it at, branch dev/sieve/vacation-seconds. 
  If there are no objections within two weeks, I will merge it in master.

If there are no objections about the changes with the dev/libtool 
branch, I will merge them in master in ten days.

The issue with the parallel build, brought by Bron, is partially 
resolved now.  I will clarify with him the rest.

unit "Change vacation day to seconds":

in sieve/bc_dump.c and sieve/sieved.c always output SECONDS (in terms of 
days converted to seconds), as if the new vacation :seconds was always 
used, instead of differentiating the output between B_VACATION and 
B_VACATION_ORIG (but this is my personal opinion how it shall be done. 
If somebody wants to see "DAYS" when "vacation :days" was uploaded, I 
can update the code.  The idea is, that if Sieve Vacation was written 
from the beginning to support ":seconds" the output would have never 
contained DAYS.)

diff --git a/sieve/bc_eval.c b/sieve/bc_eval.c
--- a/sieve/bc_eval.c
+++ b/sieve/bc_eval.c
@@ -1313,12 +1313,9 @@ int sieve_eval_bc(sieve_execute_t *exe, int 
is_incl, sieve_interp_t *i,

                 ip = unwrap_string(bc, ip, &message, NULL);

+           seconds = ntohl(bc[ip].value);
+           if (op == B_VACATION_ORIG) {
+               seconds *= DAY2SEC;
-           if (op == B_VACATION_ORIG) {
-               int days;
-               days = ntohl(bc[ip].value);
-               seconds = days * DAY2SEC;
-           } else {
-               seconds = ntohl(bc[ip].value);
                 mime = ntohl(bc[ip+1].value);

(it does the same and is shorter).

unit "Add VACATION :seconds support":
doc/specs.html: I moved the reference of "RFC6131" prior to 
draft-ietf-sieve-regex, a to my understanding the order is first RFC, 
then internet drafts.

Със здраве
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