Build failed in Jenkins: cyrus-imapd-master #571

Jenkins do-not-reply at
Thu May 10 05:01:21 EDT 2012

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[git-dpa] imap_libimap_a_SOURCES += index/index.c

[git-dpa], Add libtool support

[git-dpa] libcyrus_min:libconfig:config_read: add parameter config_need_data

[git-dpa] libimap:global:cyrus_init add parameter config_need_data

[git-dpa] convert lib/libcyrus_min.a to a libtool archive

[git-dpa] convert lib/libcyrus.a to a libtool archive

[git-dpa] convert com_err/et/libcom_err.a to a libtool archive

[git-dpa] convert sieve/libsieve.a to a libtool archive

[git-dpa] convert imap/libimap.a to a libtool archive

[git-dpa] autoconf: replace all AC_ERROR with AC_MSG_ERROR


[git-dpa] /.gitignore: update to ingore .la, .lo and .libs/ files

[git-dpa] MYEXTLIB: prefix libcyrus(_min).a with .libs/

[...truncated 1287 lines...]
rm -f imap/cyr_df.o
rm -f imap/cyr_expire.o
rm -f imap/cyr_info.o
rm -f imap/cyr_sequence.o
rm -f imap/cyr_synclog.o
rm -f imap/cyr_userseen.o
rm -f imap/cyrdump.o
rm -f imap/deliver.o
rm -f imap/dlist.o
rm -f imap/duplicate.o
rm -f imap/fetchnews.o
rm -f imap/fud.o
rm -f imap/global.o
rm -f imap/idle.o
rm -f imap/idled.o
rm -f imap/idlemsg.o
rm -f imap/imap_err.o
rm -f imap/imap_proxy.o
rm -f imap/imapd.o
rm -f imap/imapparse.o
rm -f imap/index.o
rm -f imap/ipurge.o
rm -f imap/lmtp_sieve.o
rm -f imap/lmtpd.o
rm -f imap/lmtpengine.o
rm -f imap/lmtpstats.o
rm -f imap/mailbox.o
rm -f imap/mbdump.o
rm -f imap/mbexamine.o
rm -f imap/mboxkey.o
rm -f imap/mboxlist.o
rm -f imap/mboxname.o
rm -f imap/mbpath.o
rm -f imap/mbtool.o
rm -f imap/message.o
rm -f imap/message_guid.o
rm -f imap/mupdate-client.o
rm -f imap/mupdate-slave.o
rm -f imap/mupdate.o
rm -f imap/mupdate_err.o
rm -f imap/mutex_fake.o
rm -f imap/mutex_pthread.o
rm -f imap/nntp_err.o
rm -f imap/nntpd.o
rm -f imap/notify.o
rm -f imap/pop3d.o
rm -f imap/proc.o
rm -f imap/proxy.o
rm -f imap/pushstats.o
rm -f imap/quota.o
rm -f imap/quota_db.o
rm -f imap/reconstruct.o
rm -f imap/rfc822_header.o
rm -f imap/saslclient.o
rm -f imap/saslserver.o
rm -f imap/search_engines.o
rm -f imap/seen_db.o
rm -f imap/sequence.o
rm -f imap/setproctitle.o
rm -f imap/smmapd.o
rm -f imap/smtpclient.o
rm -f imap/spool.o
rm -f imap/squat.o
rm -f imap/squat_build.o
rm -f imap/squat_internal.o
rm -f imap/squatter.o
rm -f imap/statuscache_db.o
rm -f imap/sync_client.o
rm -f imap/sync_log.o
rm -f imap/sync_reset.o
rm -f imap/sync_server.o
rm -f imap/sync_support.o
rm -f imap/telemetry.o
rm -f imap/tls.o
rm -f imap/tls_prune.o
rm -f imap/unexpunge.o
rm -f imap/upgrade_index.o
rm -f imap/user.o
rm -f imap/userdeny_db.o
rm -f imap/version.o
rm -f imtest/imtest.o
rm -f lib/acl.o
rm -f lib/acl_afs.o
rm -f lib/assert.o
rm -f lib/auth.o
rm -f lib/auth_krb.o
rm -f lib/auth_krb5.o
rm -f lib/auth_pts.o
rm -f lib/auth_unix.o
rm -f lib/bsearch.o
rm -f lib/byteorder64.o
rm -f lib/charset.o
rm -f lib/chartable.o
rm -f lib/crc32.o
rm -f lib/cyrusdb.o
rm -f lib/cyrusdb_berkeley.o
rm -f lib/cyrusdb_flat.o
rm -f lib/cyrusdb_quotalegacy.o
rm -f lib/cyrusdb_skiplist.o
rm -f lib/cyrusdb_sql.o
rm -f lib/cyrusdb_twoskip.o
rm -f lib/getaddrinfo.o
rm -f lib/getnameinfo.o
rm -f lib/glob.o
rm -f lib/gmtoff_gmtime.o
rm -f lib/gmtoff_tm.o
rm -f lib/hash.o
rm -f lib/imapopts.o
rm -f lib/imapurl.o
rm -f lib/imclient.o
rm -f lib/imparse.o
rm -f lib/iostat.o
rm -f lib/iptostring.o
rm -f lib/libconfig.o
rm -f lib/libcyr_cfg.o
rm -f lib/lock_fcntl.o
rm -f lib/lock_flock.o
rm -f lib/lsort.o
rm -f lib/map_nommap.o
rm -f lib/map_shared.o
rm -f lib/map_stupidshared.o
rm -f lib/mappedfile.o
rm -f lib/mkgmtime.o
rm -f lib/mpool.o
rm -f lib/nonblock_fcntl.o
rm -f lib/nonblock_ioctl.o
rm -f lib/parseaddr.o
rm -f lib/prot.o
rm -f lib/ptrarray.o
rm -f lib/retry.o
rm -f lib/signals.o
rm -f lib/strarray.o
rm -f lib/strhash.o
rm -f lib/stristr.o
rm -f lib/times.o
rm -f lib/tok.o
rm -f lib/util.o
rm -f lib/wildmat.o
rm -f lib/xmalloc.o
rm -f lib/xstrlcat.o
rm -f lib/xstrlcpy.o
rm -f master/cyrusMasterMIB.o
rm -f master/master.o
rm -f master/masterconf.o
rm -f master/service-thread.o
rm -f master/service.o
rm -f netnews/readconfig.o
rm -f netnews/remotepurge.o
rm -f notifyd/notify_external.o
rm -f notifyd/notify_log.o
rm -f notifyd/notify_mailto.o
rm -f notifyd/notify_null.o
rm -f notifyd/notify_zephyr.o
rm -f notifyd/notifyd.o
rm -f notifyd/notifytest.o
rm -f perl/sieve/lib/isieve.o
rm -f perl/sieve/lib/lex.o
rm -f perl/sieve/lib/mystring.o
rm -f perl/sieve/lib/request.o
rm -f ptclient/afskrb.o
rm -f ptclient/ldap.o
rm -f ptclient/ptdump.o
rm -f ptclient/ptexpire.o
rm -f ptclient/ptloader.o
rm -f sieve/addr-lex.o
rm -f sieve/addr.o
rm -f sieve/bc_dump.o
rm -f sieve/bc_emit.o
rm -f sieve/bc_eval.o
rm -f sieve/bc_generate.o
rm -f sieve/comparator.o
rm -f sieve/interp.o
rm -f sieve/message.o
rm -f sieve/script.o
rm -f sieve/sieve-lex.o
rm -f sieve/sieve.o
rm -f sieve/sieve_err.o
rm -f sieve/sievec.o
rm -f sieve/sieved.o
rm -f sieve/test.o
rm -f sieve/tree.o
rm -f timsieved/actions.o
rm -f timsieved/lex.o
rm -f timsieved/mystring.o
rm -f timsieved/parser.o
rm -f timsieved/scripttest.o
rm -f timsieved/timsieved.o
test -z "" || rm -f 
rm -f *.tab.c
test -z "perl/annotator/Makefile.PL perl/imap/Makefile.PL perl/sieve/managesieve/Makefile.PL" || rm -f perl/annotator/Makefile.PL perl/imap/Makefile.PL perl/sieve/managesieve/Makefile.PL
test . = "." || test -z "" || rm -f 
rm -f com_err/et/.deps/.dirstamp
rm -f com_err/et/.dirstamp
rm -f cunit/.deps/.dirstamp
rm -f cunit/.dirstamp
rm -f doc/text/.deps/.dirstamp
rm -f doc/text/.dirstamp
rm -f imap/.deps/.dirstamp
rm -f imap/.dirstamp
rm -f imtest/.deps/.dirstamp
rm -f imtest/.dirstamp
rm -f lib/.deps/.dirstamp
rm -f lib/.dirstamp
rm -f master/.deps/.dirstamp
rm -f master/.dirstamp
rm -f netnews/.deps/.dirstamp
rm -f netnews/.dirstamp
rm -f notifyd/.deps/.dirstamp
rm -f notifyd/.dirstamp
rm -f perl/sieve/lib/.deps/.dirstamp
rm -f perl/sieve/lib/.dirstamp
rm -f ptclient/.deps/.dirstamp
rm -f ptclient/.dirstamp
rm -f sieve/.deps/.dirstamp
rm -f sieve/.dirstamp
rm -f timsieved/.deps/.dirstamp
rm -f timsieved/.dirstamp
test -z "imap/imap_err.c imap/imap_err.h imap/mupdate_err.c imap/mupdate_err.h imap/nntp_err.c imap/nntp_err.h perl/annotator/Makefile perl/imap/Makefile perl/sieve/managesieve/Makefile sieve/sieve_err.c sieve/sieve_err.h" || rm -f imap/imap_err.c imap/imap_err.h imap/mupdate_err.c imap/mupdate_err.h imap/nntp_err.c imap/nntp_err.h perl/annotator/Makefile perl/imap/Makefile perl/sieve/managesieve/Makefile sieve/sieve_err.c sieve/sieve_err.h
rm -f config.h stamp-h1
make[1]: Leaving directory `<'>
rm -f config.status config.cache config.log configure.lineno config.status.lineno
rm -rf com_err/et/.deps cunit/.deps doc/text/.deps imap/.deps imtest/.deps lib/.deps master/.deps netnews/.deps notifyd/.deps perl/sieve/lib/.deps ptclient/.deps sieve/.deps timsieved/.deps
rm -f Makefile
+ autoreconf -i -f -v -Icmulocal
autoreconf: Entering directory `.'
autoreconf: not using Gettext
autoreconf: running: aclocal -I cmulocal --force -I cmulocal
autoreconf: tracing
autoreconf: not using Libtool
autoreconf: running: /usr/bin/autoconf --include=cmulocal --force
autoreconf: running: /usr/bin/autoheader --include=cmulocal --force
autoreconf: running: automake --add-missing --copy --force-missing library used but `RANLIB' is undefined   The usual way to define `RANLIB' is to add `AC_PROG_RANLIB'   to `' and run `autoconf' again. Libtool library used but `LIBTOOL' is undefined   The usual way to define `LIBTOOL' is to add `LT_INIT'   to `' and run `aclocal' and `autoconf' again.   If `LT_INIT' is in `', make sure   its definition is in aclocal's search path.
autoreconf: automake failed with exit status: 1
+ fatal 'Can'\''t run autoreconf'
+ echo 'imapd/tools/ Can'\''t run autoreconf'
imapd/tools/ Can't run autoreconf
+ exit 1
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
Skipping Cobertura coverage report as build was not SUCCESS or better ...
Recording test results

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