Add VACATION :seconds support

Philipp Hahn hahn at
Tue May 8 07:52:25 EDT 2012


Am Dienstag 08 Mai 2012 13:32:56 schrieb Дилян Палаузов:
> Hello,
> To patch 1: autobuild: Fix directory handling
>    Why do you use instead of autoreconf -vi?

autobuild had just the right name and did what I was looking for - until it 
renamed $PWD to $PWD.orig :-(

> To patch 2,3,4: Change vacation day to seconds
>    I would suggest adding a new opcode to the sieve bytecode for
> "vacation :seconds", that is used for all uploads in the future, in a
> way similar to the implementation in bc_eval.c of B_FILEINTO_ORIG and
> B_REDIRECT_ORIG.  This will allow current scripts to continue running
> without the need to be recompiled.  For future scripts, always the
> seconds are stored, even if :days was provided.  Currently bc_eval
> supports all versions starting from BYTECODE_MIN_VERSION = 0x03.
> I mean, in addition to your patches,
>    - replacing in bytecode.h B_VACATION with B_VACATION_ORIG on line
> 130, and adding a new B_VACATION at the end of enum bytecode (could be
>    - fixing bc_dump and sieved to be able to dump both B_VACATION and
> B_VACATION_ORIG commands
>    - fixing bc_eval to be able to execute both B_VACATION and
> B_VACATION_ORIG commands.

Thanks for the idee, I will have a look.

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