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>> There are still some other compilers left in the world.  The Sun, sorry
>> Oracle, compiler, for example, will parse and ignore both
>> __attribute__(visibility()) in the code and -fvisibility=hidden on the
>> commandline, without failing.
> Adding gcc-ism's without testing for gcc in configure is a terrible
> idea. Please don't do it. The entire universe doesn't use gcc's
> non-standard compiler gunk.

cyrus-imapd/configure does check (with cmulocal/visibility.m4) if 
-fvisibility=hidden / __attribuite__(visibility()) is supported by the 
compiler.  If it is not supported, -fvisibility=hidden is not passed to 
the compiler, and EXPORTED/HIDDEN expand to nothing.  If there are 
systems, where this logic does not happen, then there is a bug (in the 
gnulib's lib-symbol-visibility module).

Със здраве
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