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On 19.07.2012 03:11, Greg Banks wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 18, 2012, at 10:46 PM, Дилян Палаузов wrote:
>> On 16.07.2012 02:08, Greg Banks wrote:
>>> So, remind me again what actual value we're getting from this -fvisibility=hidden stuff again?
>> Initially, libcyrus_sieve had a lot of exported symbols generated by
>> bison and flex.  When libcyrus_sieve was loaded by the dynamic linker
>> the list of exported symbols (section .dynsyms) was long, so finding the
>> needed symbol by the dynamic linker was supposed to take long time.
> Well, maybe.  On Linux at least, the linker puts a hashtable index to
> the exported symbols into a section called .gnu.hash and the runtime
> linker uses that to speed up searching for symbols.  So lookup is going
> to be something closer to O(1) than O(N).  So I'm unconvinced by an
> argument from runtime link performance.

There is always a table making the search faster than O(n), the gnu 
linker's table (--hash=style=gnu) is better than the standard table 
(--hash-table=sysv), but still, less symbols means smaller table.  The 
arguments from run time link performance are not fucking strong, but the 
resulting executable file/library are smaller.

> There is an argument to be made from untidiness.
> gnb at gnb-desktop 2069 nm -D --defined-only
> ./sieve/.libs/libcyrus_sieve.so | awk '{h[$2]++}END{for (i in h) print
> h[i],i}'
> 3 A
> 10 B
> 3 D
> 115 T
> That's a lot of exported symbols for such a small library :(
> But you could fix that without advanced non-portable linker trickery, by
> (for example) moving chunks of sieve/tree.c into sieve/sieve.y, or
> #include'ing one into the other or vice versa.

The most T-symbols are generated by flex/bison and this cannot be 
tricked.  Flex can be instructed not to generate unnecessary functions 
with %option noyyset_in or alike, however flex on ci.cyrus-imapd.org 
does not support these options.  So the functions are there.

Moving functions from tree.c to sieve.y is marginal compared to the 
amount of functions created by bison/flex.

The non-portable trickery does not harm.  It is supported by GCC and 
Clang (according to 
).  Anyway, with -fvisibility=hidden approximately 60-70 symbols are 
internalized/hidden, that would be otherwise exported in the .dynsyms 

Със здраве

>> Annotating in libcyrus_sieve (and the other libraries) the
>> functions/symbols with EXPORTED, that are needed outside the library,
>> and compiling with -fvisibility=hidden, keeps the list of exported
>> symbols short, so the dynamic linker can load the library faster.  On
>> the other side the resulting library is smaller.  In addition, I think
>> this makes things easier to maintain, as it is clear, if a function is
>> used outside the library (EXPORTED), only within the library (HIDDEN),
>> or only within the source file, it is defined (static)
> I think -fvisibility=hidden is an excellent mechanism for folks
> maintaining real actual libraries with defined and documented interfaces
> at both the source and ABI levels, to enforce that users of their
> libraries use only the supported interfaces.  Cyrus really isn't one of
> those.  We have no documentation, no ABI guarantee, no versioning
> mechanism.  Worse, we have a lot of truly horrible tricks which rely on
> traditional linktime semantics, fatal() being the obvious example.
> Those can and should be fixed, but right now they're pretty broken.
>> Compiling different Automake targets with different CPPFLAGS/CFLAGS
>> creates .o files with very long names, when the non standarf AM_CFLAGS
>> are used.  The reason for the long name is, that Automake assumes, that
>> a file can be compiled once with the non-standard (not Makefile.am-wide)
>> CFLAGS, and once with AM_CFLAGS, so Automake reserves its right to
>> create different .o files from the same .c file.  This could be avoided,
>> if -fvisibility=hidden is used not only for libraries but also for
>> executables and is put in AM_CFLAGS.
> Sure, if it's one place it should be in as many places as possible.
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