minimal required version of (optional) tools

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> 1) if we have any doubts about the version of tools needed to generate
> parts of the source, then ship the generated source in the dist tarball
> and hide the make rules in maintainer mode.  The code should be
> buildable from a dist tarball on the widest possible range of platforms.

I am talking about maintainer mode.  The distributed tarballs contain 
anyway the generated files and as long as the input files (e.g. 
sieve/addr-lex.l are not changed, the Makefile-rules are not invoked and 
it does not matter, if the tool is available or not.

> 2) For maintainer mode, the ideal situation is that versions of tools
> available in the current Long Term Support releases of common target
> platforms should work without difficulty.

Which versions of autoconf, automake, bison, (f)lex, gperf and libtool 
are in the current Long Term Support releases of common target platforms?

Why for maintainer mode it is not possible to stick to versions, that 
are not yet in the Long Term Support releases?

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